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Roleplay Moderator, Male, from Home of Octavia Melody

With fire burning, and water falling upon the ground, we shall advance. Nothing will stand in our path. Apr 19, 2014 at 4:44 AM

hitman61live was last seen:
[On Tapatalk]Viewing forum list, Apr 21, 2014 at 3:03 AM
    1. hitman61live
      With fire burning, and water falling upon the ground, we shall advance. Nothing will stand in our path.
    2. Maddrummer
      Can you reply to M.U.S.E. X-rated?
    3. hitman61live
      Something goes here. I'm not sure what, but someday...someday I'll find out!
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      2. Mineshaft
        I think Octavia is the correct answer here
        Apr 16, 2014 at 2:23 PM
      3. hitman61live
        Yus yus yus yus yus.
        Apr 17, 2014 at 3:28 PM
      4. Mineshaft
        Apr 17, 2014 at 4:00 PM
    4. hitman61live
    5. BrainJack
      ummm... The meeting has not started yet, I'm gonna give it another try to get all the players characters there, that okay?
    6. Maddrummer
      M.U.S.E. X-rated?
    7. BrainJack
      Can you tag everyone and get them to the meeting, last time I tried all I achiveched was pissing off midnight
    8. BrainJack
      I think you missed my post in NZ
    9. Maddrummer
      I tagged you in Number Zero.
      1. Maddrummer
        Could you please reply to my post in number zero?
        Feb 11, 2014
      2. BrainJack
        He is trying to finsh a scene with Coal Soul and Ghost first I belive
        Feb 16, 2014
    10. BrainJack
      ready to have Luna call another meeting or something?
    11. hitman61live
      Had to reset my iPod, finally. Don't expect much in responses tonight. (At least until it's totally done downloading items..:
      1. hitman61live
        Tapatalk and Skype.)
        Feb 7, 2014
    12. hitman61live
      And you...can bring me to my knees....again..
    13. mike
      Do you want me to tag you with the last post? I know tapatalk isn't always easy, so anything I can do to help, just let me know.
    14. BrainJack
      Your mood says crappy. Sorry your not feeling well
    15. BrainJack
      did you miss my post in Number Zero?
    16. Midnight_Blitz
      For some reason, she reminded me of some mix between Kohaku and Mari Blessings. Very interesting.
      1. hitman61live
        Oh, her name is [censored].
        Jan 23, 2014
      2. mike
        Censored? Why was her name censored? :D Also, Snow Octavia is nice, even when it isn't winter, lol
        Jan 30, 2014
    17. Mineshaft
      Who's the OC?
      1. hitman61live
        She currently has no name, but I was thinking about [censored].
        Jan 23, 2014
    18. mike
      Just an FYI, I'm pretty sure Ori doesn't swing that way, but Fyre's just being friendly. On a completely unrelated note, what's up?
    19. DeSu1023
      HM, are you available for Skype?
    20. hitman61live
      Eternal Sentinels
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    I hope you're proud of me
    Dude I grew to be
    Ingenuity influenced by your eulogy
    Going through memories
    Like they were movies scenes
    I know I've been the shiz
    All these people full of me
    Are you made of
    I guess I'm fooling myself too
    There's just a bunch of shiz
    I wish I could tell you, but
    This life move fast, I never knew that
    Yours wouldn't have lasted
    The dirt hitting your casket, like raindrops
    I swear I'll let you know when the pain stops
    For now I need to run to to any place that the train stops
    And everybody wanna talk to me about some business shiz
    Never really listening, couldn't get real interested
    My days get darker, so the haze get sparked up
    All this hate, sound the same when my name get brought up
    You had a girl, I kinda wish you knocked her up
    So I could meet your son and talk you up (Talk you up)

    I remember when we were just kids
    We knew nothing at all,
    We'd talk about the life we lived
    In West Virginia,
    Lost somewhere out in
    West Virginia

    It's a dark science, when your friends start dying
    Like how could he go, he was part lion
    Life goes on, tears all dried in
    Couple years are goin' by, by then
    Can you please help me find my friend
    I'll give you anything you need multiplied by ten
    I heard he moved to a place where the time don't answer
    You don't need money, all you got is time to spend
    Life is short, don't ever question the length
    It's cool to cry, don't ever question your strength
    I recommend no limits, intricate thought, go 'head just give it a shot
    You'll remember shiz you've forgot

    Cause way back then I didn't know shiz
    And I don't know shiz now
    And when the world's looking hopeless
    I'ma still hold shiz down

    I remember when we were just kids
    We knew nothing at all,
    We'd talk about the life we lived
    In West Virginia,
    Lost somewhere out in
    West Virginia​


    June 14
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    Octavia Melody
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  • *Disclaimer: This is an idea I have not fully finished and is not one I will start soon. Any others that have used, are using, or...
    hitman61live, Aug 8, 2013
    RPG to a GT I'll start of with a welcome, and I hope this all helps. You might be wondering, "Why did you make this? What is...
    hitman61live, Feb 7, 2013
    D= --> ]= --> :( --> /= --> |= --> \= --> :) --> [= --> :D [ATTACH]
    hitman61live, Nov 16, 2012