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Cutie Mark Maker!

Discussion in 'News' started by Administrator, Jun 28, 2011.

  1. Administrator

    Administrator New Pony

    From the old forums: http://mlponline.freeforums.org/cutie-m ... -t117.html

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  2. Administrator

    Administrator New Pony

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  3. Administrator

    Administrator New Pony

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  4. Administrator

    Administrator New Pony

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  5. MikauKahn

    MikauKahn Pony

    I took out the whole diagram to save space: [​IMG]

    Obtainable by:
    *Beating an NPC or player at checkers/chess.
    *Winning a race or being the referee at one (the checkered flag).
    *Being Mikau Kahn.

    Yea, the last one was a joke. But I <3 checkered designs.
  6. supaspeedstrut

    supaspeedstrut New Pony

    Here's some random cutie marks I made while bored:
    1) fish on a line
    2) an Eight Ball
    3) popcorn
    4) a XDlipop
    5) a tree
    6) water drops
    7) snow flakes/light blue sparkles
    8) tornado
    9) magnifying glass

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  7. Honeydew

    Honeydew New Pony

    Here are some cutie marks I've made.

    1. A melon with hearts around it (My cutie mark)
    2.Dog tags (my BF cutie mark)
    3.A pencil about to draw in a white heart (draw something)
    4.An arrow through a blue crescent moon (to "shoot the moon")
    5.Gold sparkles (get gold on something [rank-wise])
    6.Silver sparkles with bits of gold sparkle (be very close to getting gold [rank-wise] on something)
    7. A feather-duster (help Spike clean The Library!)
    8.A large red heart with a smaller pink heart next to it (be kind to lots of younger/newer fillies/colt)
    9. The yin-yang Dolphins (yay)
    10. Some purple bubbles (Help Derpy blow lots of big bubbles)
    11.A giant wave! ( some sort of quest or mini game)

  8. chaosGuitarist

    chaosGuitarist Pony

    zodiac signs
    diamond shape, in a bunch of colors
    tetris blocks, 4 card suits
    some kind of planet, sword in stone, bow, triforce, smiley face, cube, slimer, squiddle, broken record, devilbeast
  9. Gadvac

    Gadvac New Pony

    (Is this still open?)
    I've only made one, but I'll update as I go along.
    Firework: Help Trixie in one of her shows? (If she appears in the game, that is. It could be a minigame.)
  10. pss360

    pss360 New Pony

    (Sorry ms paint kinda sux)
    cherries- eat cherries idk
    black over purple star- practice (black) magic (Twilightish)
    rotten apple core- bad at apple-related jobs?
    Aztec-looking eye- be a psychic (Zecoraish i guess)
    broken heart- lose a friend
    rabbit- animal caretaker (Fluttershyish)
    wave- surf? ride a boat? something to do with water
    ladder- construction (changed from cinderblock)
    checker weave- knitting/crochet or maybe chess/checkers
    moon and star- astronomy/magic
    money bag- get rich or be a banker
    ice cream- sell ice cream
    guitar- learn to play guitar
    volcano- geology?
    snake- reptile caretaker (less Fluttershyish)
    Added more:
    crossbones- dig up a fossil
    sapling- grow/plant plants
    skull and crossbones- faint too much in combat
    mop/featherduster- clean up the barn/library/boutique/et cetera
    ghost- scare others
    question mark- ask questions
    snowflakes- work on snow in the weather factory
    sun- clear the clouds
    peace sign- break up an arguement
    egg- hatch something
    flower- grow/plant flowers
    seabirds- fly with the seabirds idk
    eighth note- get a hi-score in a music minigame on fast difficulty
    art palette- paint the barn/library/boutique/et cetera
    shrimp- shrimp eating contest?
    shovel- dig up buried treasure
    Even more (I need friends XD:(
    magnet- idk how do they work
    sailboat- build a sailboat
    lock- fix a lock
    silverware- eat a whole bunch (sprite should get fat too)
    bell- ring the town bell every hour on the hour
    pawprint- animal caretaker
    donut- bake donuts
    rainbow- too many rainbows >_<"
    cherries- ya rly more cherries
    battery- charge something
    ice cube- score the lake
    pine tree- plant a tree
    twinkle stars- idk go to space?
    keyboard- play keyboard
    castle- save a princess
    hairspray- fix Rarity's hair (Boast Busters)
    tombstone- protect the graveyard?
    tooth- be a dentist
    rotary phone- get everypony's phone number
    apron- cook
    mic stand- sing
    umbrella- make it rain
    cheetah spots- wild animal caretaker
    coffee mug- make coffee
    butterfly- animal caretaker
    bowler hat- make hats
    black belt- master a martial art
    theater masks- put on a play
    jester's hat- put on a comedy act
    Probably gonna stop here. Sixty's enough.
  11. pokelover450

    pokelover450 New Pony


    1)paint brush
    3)spoon and fork
    4)doctor cross
    5)moon and star
    sorry they suck but i did my best i think they are pretty good :XD:
  12. pokelover450

    pokelover450 New Pony

    1)paint brush
    3)spoon and knife
    4)doctor cross
    5)moon and star
    sorry they suck but i did te best i could i think i did pretty good
  13. Bro

    Bro New Pony

    Sorry guys,how can i save them or create them?? I'm making some ponies for my classmates but i don't know how to create some cutie marks o_o
  14. Pix

    Pix Contributor

    You need an image editor. MS paint should work well enough for the cutie mark creator.
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  15. Kahlei Shropshire

    Kahlei Shropshire New Pony

    I click on the link and it says fourm not found. then it redirects me to a rap battle page. Can you post a new one? My pony needs a cutie mark!
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  16. Frawst

    Frawst New Pony

    Rainbow Wand- Be the first person to beat Trixie in a magic contest (like that'll ever happen.. >_> )
  17. DeSu1023

    DeSu1023 Active Pony

    I think that should be posted elsewhere, however it's great that you bring that up. I have already taken the liberty of commenting on his rude and ignorant behavior.
  18. ievina

    ievina New Pony

    That needs to be about 20% cooler;)
  19. Burnt Forest

    Burnt Forest Pony

    Seems Legit.
  20. Hazy

    Hazy Pony

    Where is the link for the application?
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