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No Longer Operational

Discussion in 'News' started by ToastyJustice, Nov 18, 2012.

  1. ToastyJustice
    No Mood

    ToastyJustice Team Member Staff Member

    If you haven't noticed the big banner across our home page, we are no longer operational. Our project is going into a redevelopment phase.

    We are no longer be providing the game for download. Thank you all for your support and interest it.

    In the meantime, the forums will be staying up, as I know many of you enjoy the community established around the game. However, we will no longer be able to provide any support for it. Our development team extends a special thanks to those of you who assisted us in handling all the issues in Help and Support.
  2. Mizuki

    Mizuki Pony


    Does this mean you're working on episode 2, or you're starting over from scratch?

    Well maybe not scratch like in way the sprites are concerned but like...

    sorry I'm a little confused o_O
  3. DJ Vinyl Scratch

    DJ Vinyl Scratch New Pony

    Thank goodness I never deleted the game off my laptop. But, what do you mean redevelopment?
  4. Clockwork_Sprocket
    No Mood

    Clockwork_Sprocket New Pony

    A bit more information would be nice... When you said redevelopment, what did you mean by that?

    Also, what cause this decision to be made? I hope it wasn't Copyright or some other issue like that.
  5. kirbycarr2
    No Mood

    kirbycarr2 Pony

    Ever since I saw the banner, I've been in panic wondering what's/is happening to MLPOnline.
    Is everything going to be ok? What I keep thinking is: 1. Copyright claim; or 2. Something happened to the team.
    I sure hope everything is going to be alright!:\
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  6. Tan Kuan Hee

    Tan Kuan Hee Pony

  7. Bluenight

    Bluenight Pony Helper Outer

    I don't think this is the best place to ask that...

    I am interested in what is going on as well. However, if you do not wish to expand on this subject, I will happily accept what you have already said and ask for nothing more. I hope everything works out for the best guys.
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  8. Vivian

    Vivian Active Pony

    oh no! I hope everything's okay with the team :( Like most of the other people who have posted so far, i can't say I know what "redevelopment" means, but i hope everything's okay. Keep us posted!

    And also,
  9. ToastyJustice
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    ToastyJustice Team Member Staff Member

    Sorry folks, but we are unable to provide further comment on this at the moment. We'll update you with more information when we can.
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  10. sbloom85

    sbloom85 Pony

    Thanks for taking the time to make the game and good luck in the future.
  11. Kittynator
    No Mood

    Kittynator Pony

    Hold onto the current existing version.
    Redevelopment may mean the game gets rebuilt like with a different engine or something. At least, they didn't say they're discontinuing the game, but then again...
  12. Crayv

    Crayv Pony

    Well this is sad news. I hope everything turns out well.
  13. bryfury

    bryfury Pony

    there are two ways i can see where this is going

    1.- oh god, they said ''redevelopment'' so, the game might be powered up by a new engine, or something like that ^_^

    2.- oh god, redevelopment means to do lots of things again, so, if something bad happens, they might cancel the project!!! T-T

    hope everything ends well in the end, and by that i mean, that the game dont get cancelled...
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  14. Mizuki

    Mizuki Pony

    Oh gosh, I hope it's nothing too serious... (it sounds serious!)
    But glad we'll be getting an update eventually!
  15. Midnight_Blitz

    Midnight_Blitz Global Moderator

    Just glad that wasn't Hasbro sending the letter of closure.

    Thanks for leaving the forums up for us! My life seems to revolve around it now while I'm bored...
  16. sportakus1

    sportakus1 Active Pony

    thinking,what happens in redevelopment:
    1. fixing bugs all the way!
    2.changing whole game
    3.adding many things
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  17. Legal User

    Legal User Pony

    Hope it goes well I do enjoy playing the game I still have a unedited copy. Do you guys care if I have a download link up?
  18. Kittynator
    No Mood

    Kittynator Pony

    I am not sure about that.
  19. Yuro

    Yuro Pony

    i'm not gonna lie... i'm kinda worried :\
  20. Kerlc

    Kerlc Active Pony

    's nice to get some official statements.

    I hope everything works out for the best, and that the development shall not be put "on ice."

    So, cheers, and let us hope for the best!
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