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The Art Assets Compendium

Discussion in 'News' started by Simbaro, Dec 10, 2012.

  1. Simbaro

    Simbaro Team Artist

    Hello all, I'm glad I still have my account on this website because if not, it would had been a tad difficult to get to all of you guys.

    As part of Salty's Eulogy, Toasty Justice discussed with me plants to create an art compendium of all vector and isometric arts that have been created for this game. This compendium will be released for all to use, and will include a great many assets from a variety of in game locations and original creations. There will be an announcement and link to these assets as soon as I get them up somewhere.

    I also must inform you guys that I no longer am part of the team nor am I managing the remaining artists who have stayed. Its a been a great year and a half run for me and if some decisions turned out different I would had perhaps stayed on. As is, I loved reading all your comments in the forums, I loved watching all those Youtube Lets Plays, and I loved bugging Salty to death with every single little thing and overlooked UI elements. I've gone on to more personal art projects, including a huge one that will kinda define my life for the next two years of college.

    Thank you all, and may something grow from what the team have sown!

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  2. sportakus1

    sportakus1 Active Pony

    you are great team, i wish this team would get more people and more money to them,they need them as well:)
  3. Instant Surprise

    Instant Surprise Pony

    The team has been great, the game has been great (yes, I did finally get a way to download it) AND the fun has been great.
    The team has hope to do what they want. And I shall have fun with my secret downloadation of the game.
  4. Midnight_Blitz

    Midnight_Blitz Global Moderator

    More goodies? Sweet.

    Well, good luck out there.
  5. firekirby135

    firekirby135 Active Pony

    Well Sim, I wish you luck wherever your career takes you. I'll be looking forward to the compendium, and really admire the fact that you came to tell all of us, instead of simply leaving the team and disappearing into the shadows. Hope we can still see some of your work though!
  6. kirbycarr2
    No Mood

    kirbycarr2 Pony

    Sad to see you go, wish you luck in the future. Also thanks for your commitment to the team. Good luck!
  7. HydroSpanner

    HydroSpanner Pony

    Just want to say thanks for inviting me to this great team Simbaro. Good fortune on any of your future endeavors.
  8. trainee

    trainee Team Developer

    It was great to work with you and enjoy the art you provided for the group Simb. Hope you find other fun things to do in the future with your art talents. We'll always have the show at least.

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