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This thing now runs on a hamster wheel

Discussion in 'News' started by SaltyJustice, Jul 5, 2012.

  1. SaltyJustice

    SaltyJustice Team Developer

    After completely overhauling the graphics engine, removing FBOs, and adding a bunch of options to the configuration, I am proud to announce that this Saturday's coming patch should resolve most of the hardware issues people are experiencing.
    Oh, you don't believe me? Click the images to see full size.
    Yes, they were taken by my crappy camera phone. That's my laptop there in front of you.

    2012-07-05 16.06.58.jpg
    Here's a zoomed out shot, along with my assistant.​

    2012-07-05 16.07.09.jpg
    Closer in.​
    There are some graphical anomalies that need resolving. Hopefully I get these fixed at some point.​
    This laptop is using an Intel Media Accelerator 3150 Integrated, with 256MB of RAM and openGL 1.4.​
    To put it succinctly, this thing is a piece of crap. The game runs fairly fast in 2D and chugs in 3D, but it RUNS.
    See you Saturday.​
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  2. Bluenight

    Bluenight Pony Helper Outer

    SWEET! I can't wait to play it again!:D
  3. firekirby135

    firekirby135 Active Pony

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  4. Onyx Fog

    Onyx Fog Active Pony

    Do I spy a missing texture file in the zoomed in photo? ?_? Or is that purple and black stylizing on purpose?
  5. ToastyJustice
    No Mood

    ToastyJustice Team Member Staff Member

    There are some existing texturing issues in some of the maps that we are working on fixing.
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  6. Elsdrake

    Elsdrake Pony

    i noticed that most laptops have open gl 2.1.

    so...why not focusing on that?

    Also i noticed that when you use a skill...it freezes up them return showing damage....and that...i don't know why.
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  7. hitman61live
    No Mood

    hitman61live Roleplay Moderator

    Just downloaded Stencyl, and learning how to use it. In this term, I hope to learn enough to possibly be of assistance to the game :D.
    Especially since the computer seems to be holding up to some of the intense crap I will have to go through XD.
  8. Lightning_Bolt

    Lightning_Bolt New Pony

    My crappy laptop says thanks! ^_^
    P.S: Dat plushie <3
  9. DarkEarthDragon

    DarkEarthDragon New Pony

    Soooooo.... We get to play Saturday on our POC systems?
    I think I owe someone a cider.;)
  10. GPU

    GPU New Pony

    So...it can run on Windows 2000 then? :D Even though i just did not try in a VM
  11. Burnt Forest

    Burnt Forest Pony

    Sounds good, for some odd reason my game would be lagging in frames.
  12. Burnt Forest

    Burnt Forest Pony

    Well, I tough it out for when they talk but when twilight walks I'm a ok :D
  13. Mnml Pon-3

    Mnml Pon-3 New Pony

    Oh yay, now i'll be able to play it :D but my laptop it's not that crappy :P Thx for all the work of the people that work to provide us this awesome game :3
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  14. Star Sonata

    Star Sonata Pony

    And now... it is 20% Cooler, Awesome! Cant wait
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  15. xBluePony

    xBluePony New Pony

    Yes! It wil work for me then. I have 2GB of RAM. OpenGL 1.4 and a Intel Core Duo 2 Processer.
  16. paddar

    paddar New Pony

    cant what p.s bronys rule:P
  17. xBluePony

    xBluePony New Pony

    YUS WE DO :3
  18. paddar

    paddar New Pony

    i think that when it opens it will go virul i support it 100% my life just got 20% cooler
  19. paddar

    paddar New Pony

    :D go bronys
  20. xBluePony

    xBluePony New Pony

    Are you a new brony? Welcome to the herd if so :D

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