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My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic Online Community

by SaltyJustice at 9:38 PM
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tl;dr Saturday, 5: 30 pm in the hall of stars for Grem's panel.

In case you've been living under a rock for a while, this week will be the one with Bronycon happening in it. On it. Around it.

Now, last year we did a demo. Turns out demos are exhausting and consume 100% of your time when you're supposed to be enjoying a convention. They also cause your throat to get sore from the constant talking. So we won't be doing that.

On the other hand hoof, two of our team members Gremlin Grenade and Silfoe are going to be on a panel about their other game, and we'll probably be in the audience to harass them as is our custom. That'll be on Saturday at 5: 300pm in the Hall of Stars.

If you hear anybody laughing in the audience, that'll be me.

You may also use this thread to coordinate with one another on meetups at the con. If any of our forum goers are attending, to drop me a line. Who doesn't love making new friends?
It's a rhetorical question.
by SaltyJustice at 6:12 AM
(472 Views / 2 Likes)
As promised, here's the details as best I know them.

Darkflame (artist/level designer) and Toasty (?? Your guess is as good as mine) will be on the "Games Ponies Make" panel at 11 : 30 on Sunday, July 6th. This will be in the Orcas hall.
We have prepared a short trailer. There will be no demo as apparently those two have no actual place to demo the game.

In addition, you'll be able to confront talk to DarkFlame and (presumably) Toasty at their booth in the vendor hall when they aren't off goofing around and/or stealing fire extinguishers.
Details on this handy image.

If you don't follow Student of the Night, you really should. That's it. Have fun.
by SaltyJustice at 3:30 AM
(541 Views / 4 Likes)
Gee, you're probably wondering where that update is. Well it's here, you're reading it, so stop wondering.
Yes, we are doing something at Everfree Northwest. I am still waiting for final confirmation from the Bluescreen Bronies/ButtonMash Bronies/whatever they call themselves now, but as I understand it we will be sending DarkFlame and ToastyJustice to do a panel with them and show a trailer of MMX.

Get hyped.

Information on the convention is here. I will do another post as the con draws closer to specify exactly what/where/when will be presented.
by SaltyJustice at 4:00 AM
(895 Views / 0 Likes)
Well, BabsCon's panel isn't going to happen. According to DarkFlame, the other guests on the panel cancelled by virtue of folding. He is, however, still going to be in the vendor hall, selling stuff.

Here's a link to the vendor hall location. According to my sources, he'll be there from 10am to 6pm, though exactly when is anyone's guess.

While highly unfortunate, everyone in the San Francisco area is expected to attend on penalty of a stern look of disapproval from me.

Oh, and we're still working on the game. But you already knew that.
by SaltyJustice at 9:42 AM
(1,082 Views / 0 Likes)
Did you know there was a cyberpunk game jam last week? That literally just ended?

If you did, did you know we took part?
(We referring to myself, Darkflame, Chic, newcomers Gremlin and Silfoe, and some other people not part of Starlight).

Well, we did. The main page is right here (slightly NSFW) and our game is right here.

Now, in addition to being so kind and tweeting about this on #cyberpunkjam about how much you love our game, this is also a very useful test.

The engine of the game is Sugar^3, same as it will be for Megamare-X. Therefore, I would greatly appreciate it if you forum goons would be so kind as to test it for compatibility. If you experience crashes on startup or bizarre effects like screen tearing, it'll help immensely to get bug reports in the comments below.

So far, only one person has had a problem, and it may have been due to outdated graphics drivers. Thanks...
by SaltyJustice at 8:22 PM
(654 Views / 2 Likes)
Holy crap!

We're gonna be on a panel at BabsCon! And by we, I mean DarkFlame and Toasty, because I will not be going (what am I, made of money?)

The current time of the panel and whatnot is currently unknown, as the schedule is not finalized. However, we do know that BabsCon is being held from April 18-20, so if you're going then feel free to sneak up behind DarkFlame and steal his wallet.

The panel is going to be about making games in general, and will likely feature some other game developers (which are TBA at this point). I don't know what those two are going to talk about specifically, but there's a good chance they'll let slip more details on Megamare-X.

More information as it comes, stay tuned.
by SaltyJustice at 2:48 PM
(1,332 Views / 1 Likes)
We went a whole month without a post! Well you shouldn't be surprised, because we're working on the game. As much as I like staring at Contex's mug on the main page, I figured you'd all like to see something a little less... intimidating? Yeah, intimidating.

So here's something Urimas made. These are various sprites we decided to release because they were in the BC2013 demo, so it's not like we're spoiling anything.

Of course, you should go to Spaceman's page and give him mad props/make fun of his accent. Seriously, he doesn't enunciate the t's. It's hilarious.
by Conpon at 12:23 AM
(4,978 Views / 10 Likes)
So I've been quite busy lately but I promised you I would update the forum sooner or later, so here it is.

You might have noticed (I sure hope so) that the theme has changed, the old theme wasn't working after the upgrade so I purchased a new theme for you guys.

There's been a few changes to the forum, I've had to remove a couple of features that weren't working after the upgrade and there's a couple of new features too!

Post in this thread if you find a bug or if there's something you wish to change, I'll do my best to get things fixed.

PS: Hangout users, I can merge the two threads together as it should now work just fine, let me know if you want to keep it separated or not.

Background art by Karzahnii @ DeviantArt
by ToastyJustice at 12:58 AM
(3,864 Views / 3 Likes)
Hey everypony!

We have an announcement for those of you who might have missed it elsewhere: an information page is out for Megamare-X, alongside a new website that will delve into the backstory of the game.

And while we're at it, have some awesome art, courtesy of DarkFlame:

You can read more about the game in-development on our website: http://www.starlightstudios.org/cygnus.html. What took us so long to make even this simple thing? Well, we're busy making the game of course!

Whether or not you heard about ERI regarding our demo back at BronyCon, you'll be happy to hear that it is now live at http://equestrianrobotics.org/. And just what is ERI? Our press release post on details it best:

Princess Celestia's Gold 1.png
by ToastyJustice at 5:58 AM
(8,571 Views / 4 Likes)
Hey everypony!

Before we announced Cygnus, Salty mentioned that we had a little something to release to all of you. This is not Cygnus, nor is it related. However, we would like to share:

This is a mod, made by our talented Urimas Ebonheart, for the game King Arthur's Gold. If you haven't heard of it, it is a free to download and play from their website: http://kag2d.com/en/. Our team regularly enjoys sparring in a CTF together and playing as ponies just makes it that much more enjoyable!

You can download the mod from our servers at: http://bit.ly/princess-celestias-gold.

We hope you enjoy this mod, and if you need any more convincing, we have filmed a gameplay session of our team:

Also, KAG is currently being promoted on on Indie Game Stand, so you can pay whatever you want for the full version! Read this post on their blog for...