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Episode 1 Released!

Discussion in 'News' started by ToastyJustice, Nov 1, 2012.

  1. ToastyJustice
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    ToastyJustice Team Member Staff Member

    Ladies and Gentlemen, fillies and gentlecolts, and everything in between those four categories. It’s here. Episode 1: First Contact.


    The download is at the top, as per usual, though in case you hadn’t heard, we have multiple options for downloading: Installer, zips, and torrents. The download page has more details.

    If this is your first time playing the game, we’ve tried our best to make it simple and easy to learn. However, there are a few things you will need to know:

    Press E to show what areas you can walk through, where they go (blue) and what objects you can examine (red). Sometimes you need to be very close to examine something.

    You can hold shift to run, press caps-lock to toggle running and walking, and press T to toggle trotting and walking.

    For our returning beta users:

    Things are mostly the same, except the characters now have access to Talents. Read them and pick the ones you like, you start with 3 talent points for both characters. (Salty’s favourite is Arcane Knowledge). Some of them were not included because they are either incomplete, or reference skills that do not appear in E1.

    If you notice any critical bugs, crashes, or freezes, let us know asap on the forums here. We’ve got our forums ponies patrolling around the clock to help you out.

    Oh and, happy belated Halloween. We hope this game is spooky enough for you.

    I need a drink.

    EDIT: Please bear with us as our server attempts to handle you folks! We have setup quite a few download mirrors, and if you have hosting that you can provide, please get in contact with Contex to help share the load!

    EDIT 2: Thanks to Equestria Daily and Equestria Gaming for the features! To deal with all the traffic we have bumped up the power of our server, and will add some additional load balancing tomorrow if it continues.
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  2. DeSu1023

    DeSu1023 Active Pony

  3. kirbycarr2
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    kirbycarr2 Pony

    Congrats on the release team!
    EDIT: Great job! Finished Episode 1 a little while ago (When the site was down). An amazing job, I can really see all the effort and big changes put into it after beta 110b version! Congrats to the whole MLPOnline team! :)
  4. Conpon

    Conpon Administrator Staff Member

  5. colinkochevar

    colinkochevar New Pony

  6. SaltyJustice

    SaltyJustice Team Developer

    I love how I wrote the part about "I need a drink" and Toasty posted it without noticing. Bravo.
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  7. ToastyJustice
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    ToastyJustice Team Member Staff Member

    Oh I noticed, it was staying in!
  8. Bluenight

    Bluenight Pony Helper Outer

    Congrats guys! First few hours of the game being released and so many people wanted to download it, that they over-crowded the website. That is awesomely amazing! Just shows how much anticipation this game has. Great job.
  9. Snappy J

    Snappy J Global Moderator

    Gamers are killin' this site, man! XD
  10. ToastyJustice
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    ToastyJustice Team Member Staff Member

    Added a second edit to the main post. Thanks for all the downloads and patience while we work on dealing with the ravenous bandwidth consumption from you eager pony folks!
  11. Snappy J

    Snappy J Global Moderator

    I can't actually get this game to run. ^_^;
    I'll try again later.
  12. Reelix

    Reelix New Pony

    Torrent downloaded fine, game installed fine, but crashed on splash screen:


    Subsequent retries (Running Launcher.exe) brings up the launch screen, downloads an /END, runs, then insta-crashes.

    Anything I can do to help debug? :)

    On a side note, try moving all the DLL's to a sub-folder (Yes, you can reference DLL's outside the main folder :p) as it's getting rather cluttered with non-user-friendly stuff :p

    - Edit -

    Running run.bat displays the following when the crash happens:

    G:\Games\MLP Online\MLPOnline>MLPOnlineStatic.exe -starttrace
    Allegro finished init at 0.027302
    -Begin Standard Setup
    Build Managers
    L12KO12D|Display - ABCDEFGHIJK - Display|12
    Finished init of the LoadInterrupt at 0.425526
    Done Managers
    Execute Lua Files

    - Edit 2 -

    You really need a crashlog :p
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  13. Chocobroni

    Chocobroni Active Pony

    My client crashes in the same moment as yours. I already tried to do the changes suggested in the doc provided in the facebook page but the result is the same.
  14. Onyx Fog

    Onyx Fog Active Pony

    You ponies even have your own header on EQD!
    Huzzah! :D
  15. sbloom85

    sbloom85 Pony

    I'm having the same problem as Reelix and Chocobroni, but when I use the zip version, it runs without a hitch. I'm going to reinstall it tomorrow and copy some files from the zip version into the client version.

    I think I might know what's wrong. I tried copying the main dll files first, which did nothing, then I copied over all of the data files including the uncompressed folder, and that got it to run.

    Yeah, copying the uncompressed folder helped.
  16. Reelix

    Reelix New Pony

    There's an "Edit" button at the bottom of each of your posts to avoid double-posting.

    I hope the dev's release a patch to fix the torrent build :p
  17. bryfury

    bryfury Pony

    um... when i download the installer, i get a file with nothing, jus a blank file, no exe... am i doing something wrong?

    EDIT: i downloaded the zip and i still got the blank file, but i could get into it by opening another zip file, then returning one step, then choosing the file, and then i could unzip it to my game folder. it works... but why do i keep getting these blank files?
  18. Lightning Tumble

    Lightning Tumble Donator

    yay im not here to file any problems im just really late to the party to say congrats, you've come far!
  19. Shadowmere

    Shadowmere Active Pony

    Mine starts up and runs just fine except for the fact that all the ponies except Twilight are multicolored Pinkie Pies. XD I'm going to try downloading it again tomorrow and see if it fixes the problem. Other than that minor issue, it looks great! I like that there's a loading screen now and I also like the little story opening, too.
  20. Conpon

    Conpon Administrator Staff Member

    If you need help or have a bug to report, please use the "Help and Support" forum here: http://mlponline.net/forums/help-and-support.22/

    There seems to be an issue with the installer, so download the .zip for now while we work on getting it fixed.

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